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Postage costs - news story - 01 Apr 2014

I'm afraid parcel postal prices went up again yesterday, and it's now £3.20 for a standard small parcel. I've had to raise the shipping cost set-up as a result. It is not my intention to make ...

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Tucson stock arrival - news story - 21 Mar 2014

After a few weeks of expecting a relatively early arrival for this year's Tucson stock, it's now looking likely it'll get here on the 31st of March.  There always seems to be some delay, whether it's ...

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Impending doom - news story - 08 Jan 2014

If you've never read Bill Bryson's popular science book, A Short Hisotry of Nearly Everything, I'd recommend it. It does an admirable job of covering a great deal of subjects, but at times it seems like ...

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New Tyrannosaur found in Utah - news story - 07 Nov 2013

Lythronax argestes, King of gore, is a newly discovered Tyrannosaur, found in the Late Cretaceous of Southern Utah. It had a broader skull than most Tyrannosaurs, with a short, narrow snout. A new animal of this ...

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Sacked - news story - 15 Oct 2013

My friend Johnny dropped in today. He goes to India regularly, to have stones cut and polished, jewellery set and so on. This time he'd brought back a huge number of little drawstring pouches. They are ...

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A few new things - news story - 10 Oct 2013

It's a long time until the next trade fair trip, but I'll still be topping up the stock now and then. As well as adding to my dinosaur tooth mountain, I picked up a few unusual ...

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New from space - news story - 25 Sep 2013

On February the 15th this year the tv news and internet was awash with footage of a meteorite landing in the Southern Urals of Russia. A dramatic fireball crossing the sky, windows shattering, car alarms going ...

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New proto-mammal - news story - 08 Aug 2013

A fossil of a new animal, Megaconus mammaliaformis, will provde a great chance to see a transitional step between our pre-mammalian ancestors and our milky, hairy kin. It's only the second pre-mammalian fossil found with fur ...

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