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Fossil Grove - news story - 11 Mar 2016

Shortly after finishing my geology degree, and whilst gaining the experience that would allow me a place on the Museum Studies post-graduate course I wanted, I worked for a couple of seasons at Fossil Grove, in ...

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Filling the gap - news story - 23 Feb 2016

A long-stending mystery of the fossil record is gradually being solved, with a series of discoveries in Scottish rocks. At the beginning of the Carboniferous period, there had been a fifteen million year stretch so poorly ...

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Opening hours - news story - 23 Dec 2015

We'll be open until around 4pm on the 24th, then shutting up for a couple of days. Cate will open the shop again on the 27th and then we'll close again on the 1st and 2nd ...

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Shirty - news story - 16 Sep 2015

With the festival crowds gone I had no excuses left, faced the paperwork and did the VAT return, a quarterly joy. That;s now out of the way, thankfully, and I can turn my attention to tidying ...

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Wales gets a theropod - news story - 09 Jun 2015

A fantastic find made last year by two brothers in the Vale of Glamorgan will go on show in the Museum of Wales today. It's the first ever meat-eating theropod found in Wales and is from ...

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Site additions - news story - 02 Jun 2015

I've finally added a few more lines to the website, including Great White teeth, which I've been hoping to be able to do for ages. There's also another shark tooth  - Carcharocles angustidens, the Pennsylvanian fern ...

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Slow boat to Felixstowe - news story - 02 Apr 2015

As always seems to be the case, the shipment from the Tucson show has been beset be a string of delays. Originally, it was due to have reached Edinburgh by now, but after missed boats, a ...

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On the way - news story - 12 Feb 2015

My crates of Tucson purchases are about their long trip to Edinburgh. There were some shipping problems this year (as usual) at the Los Angeles stage, with the port heavily backed up and processing containers very ...

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