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Christmas post - news story - 10 Dec 2014

Sales from the website come thick and fast at this time of year, but if you're worried about getting your purchases on time, check out the Royal Mail's site for the relevant dates. I usually get ...

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What are the odds? - news story - 24 Nov 2014

Meteorites fall to Earth all the time, and everywhere. Mostly, they are too small to notice, or are 'burnt up' as they pass through our atmosphere. It had been thought the falls were pretty random for ...

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Seven days - news story - 26 Aug 2014

We're always been open on Sundays over August, but over the years have stretched that Spring-ward to include July and then June. This year, we're going to try September Sundays, too. The Grassmarket has gradually found ...

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New in - news story - 08 Jul 2014

Everything's unpacked, dried out, priced and ready. The new labels will be done soon, and then there can be a few new things to go out. This year's buying was largely topping up on big sellers, ...

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What's happening - news story - 10 Jun 2014

I've neglected the news part of the site lately, in favour of regular Facebook posting, so thought it best to stick up a general run through of what's been going on and what's about to happen ...

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Postage costs - news story - 01 Apr 2014

I'm afraid parcel postal prices went up again yesterday, and it's now £3.20 for a standard small parcel. I've had to raise the shipping cost set-up as a result. It is not my intention to make ...

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Tucson stock arrival - news story - 21 Mar 2014

After a few weeks of expecting a relatively early arrival for this year's Tucson stock, it's now looking likely it'll get here on the 31st of March.  There always seems to be some delay, whether it's ...

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Impending doom - news story - 08 Jan 2014

If you've never read Bill Bryson's popular science book, A Short Hisotry of Nearly Everything, I'd recommend it. It does an admirable job of covering a great deal of subjects, but at times it seems like ...

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