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The Bearsden Shark - news story - 23 Nov 2016

Stan Wood found Akmonistion, the Bearsden Shark, in 1982. It's a remarkably well-preserved fossil of a rare and distinctive Carboniferous shark, notable for its bizarre dorsal fin. THe specimen is on display in Glasgow University's Hunterian Museum, ...

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Science! - news story - 12 Oct 2016

On Saturday the 22nd Midlothian Science Festival are having a Science on the Wild Side day at Vogrie Park near Gorebridge. I'm going to be giving a talk at 12.30 aimed broadly at kids - it's ...

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A New Old Dolphin - news story - 18 Aug 2016

Bones found in Alaska in 1951 have been identified as a new species of dolphin, related to the South Asian river dolphin. It's been named Arktocara yakataga, which trips nicely off the tongue. It lived around 25 ...

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Fossil Hunters - news story - 21 Jul 2016

Just a reminder that the Fossil Huners exhibition, on Stan's work and the TW:eed Project, finishes its run at the NMS on Chambers Street in the middle of August. If you haven't seen it yet, I'd ...

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To Alsace - news story - 16 Jun 2016

I leave for the St Marie show on Tuesday, and will be back in the shop the following Tuesday. My shopping list is relatively short for a trade show, but I'll no doubt come back with ...

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Fossil Grove - news story - 11 Mar 2016

Shortly after finishing my geology degree, and whilst gaining the experience that would allow me a place on the Museum Studies post-graduate course I wanted, I worked for a couple of seasons at Fossil Grove, in ...

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Filling the gap - news story - 23 Feb 2016

A long-stending mystery of the fossil record is gradually being solved, with a series of discoveries in Scottish rocks. At the beginning of the Carboniferous period, there had been a fifteen million year stretch so poorly ...

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Opening hours - news story - 23 Dec 2015

We'll be open until around 4pm on the 24th, then shutting up for a couple of days. Cate will open the shop again on the 27th and then we'll close again on the 1st and 2nd ...

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