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New stock - news story - 28 Jun 2017

The stuff I bought at the Alsatian trade fair last week should be with us on Friday or Monday. Not quite on the same scale as the Tucson shipment, but there are some nice new things, ...

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France - news story - 05 May 2017

Towards the end of next month I'll be off to my other regular trade fair, in Alsace. With stock levels as they are, I'm not really looking to bring much home with me, but it's still ...

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Tucson stock arrival - news story - 20 Mar 2017

The shop with the containers from Tucson is due to dock in Southampton this evening. From there, providing there are no delays going through customs, the containers are taken to Bristol. There, they are unloaded and ...

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Across the Sea - news story - 10 Mar 2017

I left the Tucson show on the 1st of February, with my two crates of recent purchases in the car park of an Arizona hotel. Those crates were then loaded into a 40ft container on the ...

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So Fresh and So Clean - news story - 06 Jan 2017

This year the shop will see its 30th birthday. Okay, maybe not so old compared to what's on the shelves, but the shelves themselves and the walls behind them look every bit of their age. It's ...

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The Bearsden Shark - news story - 23 Nov 2016

Stan Wood found Akmonistion, the Bearsden Shark, in 1982. It's a remarkably well-preserved fossil of a rare and distinctive Carboniferous shark, notable for its bizarre dorsal fin. THe specimen is on display in Glasgow University's Hunterian Museum, ...

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Science! - news story - 12 Oct 2016

On Saturday the 22nd Midlothian Science Festival are having a Science on the Wild Side day at Vogrie Park near Gorebridge. I'm going to be giving a talk at 12.30 aimed broadly at kids - it's ...

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A New Old Dolphin - news story - 18 Aug 2016

Bones found in Alaska in 1951 have been identified as a new species of dolphin, related to the South Asian river dolphin. It's been named Arktocara yakataga, which trips nicely off the tongue. It lived around 25 ...

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